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Stella & Chewy’s Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust Product Review

I can’t even begin to explain how necessary this product has become for me, my dog and my (temporary new) cats life. My dog has always been a “free feeder”. Yes, he will gladly gobble down any treat or tiny portion of human food we give him in an instant, but when it comes to his plain old Science Diet dog food he’s been eating his whole life, you can say he’s less than enthused to eat it in a timely manner.

Recently I relocated to Washington State for the summer. Here staying with my best friend and her very, very hungry now 8-month old kitten. Now, I’m sure we all know that dog food is not good for cats, but stopping them from stealing it from a pup that could care less is a whole ‘nother story. We were battling the past few months with trying to feed the dog and not letting the kitten step right in and stealing all of his food (which she would!)

That’s where Stella & Chewy’s Marie Magical Dinner Dust came in. Now, there is no way that kitten is getting a single bite of his food! I got the “What’s Shak’n Bac’n Recipe Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Topper, 7-oz bag” about 2 months ago and still have a good amount left. All thats needed to make Dutch, my drooling over his dinner is a little sprinkle of this stuff on top of his regular dog food. It’s easy, he loves it, and we are relieved to no longer have to worry about the kitten eating something that her digestive system may not be able to process properly.

Stella and Chewy Maries Magical Dinner Dust
Stella and Chewy Maries Magical Dinner Dust

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