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Asian Leopard Cat

Asian Leopard Cat

Weight: 10 – 15 lbs
Origin: Asia
Markings: Spotted or rosetted
Behavior: Shy, nocturnal and afraid of humans and larger predators
Diet: Carnivorous, preys on mostly small mammals, fish, reptiles, insects and birds



Weight: 14 to 40 lbs
Origin: North America
Markings: Tan to grayish-brown, with black streaks on the body
Behavior: Active mostly at night and keeps on the move.
Diet: Opportunistic and hunts animals of different sizes and adjusts its hunting techniques accordingly

Caracal Cat


Weight: 18 to 40 lbs
Origin: Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and India
Markings: Reddish tan or sandy with lighter small reddish markings
Behavior: Typically, nocturnal and highly secretive
Diet: Preys upon small mammals, birds and rodents

Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat

Weight: 11 to 35 lbs
Origin: South and Southeast Asia
Markings: Olive-grey to ashy-grey with darker stripes on the shoulder and roundish or oval-shaped spots on the flanks and sides
Behavior: Primarily nocturnal, and is very much at home near water. It can swim long distances, even under water
Diet: Main prey is fish

Geoffreys Cat

Geoffroy's Cat

Weight: 4 – 11 lbs
Origin: South America
Markings: Brownish-yellow to Grayish coat with spots
Behavior: Nocturnal and a solitary hunter, have been observed standing up on their hind legs to scan the surrounding landscape
Diet: Preys primarily on rodents, hares, small lizards, insects, and occasionally frogs and fish

Jungle cat

Jungle Cat

Weight: 5 – 35 lbs
Origin: Asia
Markings: Sandy, reddish-brown or grey fur without spots
Behavior: Solitary in nature and mostly active during the day
Diet: Preferred prey is small mammals and birds



Weight: 15 – 34 lbs
Origin: Southwestern United States, Mexico, Central and South America
Markings: Solid black markings on a creamy, tawny, yellowish, reddish grey or grey background color.
Behavior: Solitary and active around twilight and at night.
Diet: Ocelots are carnivores and prey on small mammals

Serval Cat


Weight: 20 – 40 lbs
Origin: Africa
Markings: golden-yellow to buff coat spotted and striped with black
Behavior: Active in the day as well as at night, servals tend to be solitary with minimal social interaction
Diet: Servals are carnivores – they prey on rodents (particularly vlei rats), small birds, frogs, insects, and reptiles

Siberian Lynx

Siberian Lynx

Weight: 20 – 40 lbs
Origin: Russia
Markings: 3 main patterns: predominately spotted, predominantly striped, and unpatterned
Behavior: Solitary, except for females with offspring, or siblings who have just separated from their mothers
Diet: Small ungulates such as roe deer, chamois, and musk deer, and in other parts pikas, large rodents and hares

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