Exotic House Cats

Exotic House Cats

ExoticHouseCat.com is an informational website that provides details on the different breeds of exotic house cats. See photos, videos and learn about the cats appearance, temperament, cost and even find breeders for the specific cat you are interested in. We support the adoption of cats in need of a home, but also appreciate the beauty and fun of owning a more exotic pet. Please be sure to do you research before adopting an exotic house cat to make sure you are ready for the commitment.

Domestic Cats

exotic domestic cats

There are many different breeds of domestic cats each with its own look and disposition. If you are searching for an exotic domestic cat it is important to do some research in order to determine which type of kitty will fit best with your family or lifestyle.

Hybrid Cats

Exotic Hybrid Cats

Hybrid cats are a cross-breed from a wild cat and a domestic cat. With a total of 8 different breeds recognized by the TICS there is much to consider when decided which hybrid kitty to bring home. Make sure to do your research.

Wild Cats

wild cat breeds

While it is not recommended to keep a wild cat as a pet, some do. The requirements of a wild cat are not easily met by the average pet owner. It is extremely important to consider all factors of owning a wild cat before making any decisions.

Everything You Need to Know About Owning an Exotic House Cat