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We are here to provide you with fun and facts on a variety of domestic, hybrid and wild cat breeds.

Breed Spotlight

The Scottish Fold

There is nothing a Scottish Fold likes better than to be with his people, participating in whatever they are doing. He is a sweet cat who enjoys attention.

Cat Spotlight: Scottish Fold

What is a Hybrid Cat?

The Newest Obsession

Hybrid cats are the unique combination of a domestic cat bred with a wild cat. A hybrid’s personality depends on the specific breed. Most breeds are extremely intelligent. Some are more stand-offish than others, but for the most part, they enjoy being around their owners and other pets the same as a domestic cat. However, it is important to realize the specific risks and requirements before making the commitment of adoption.

savannah hybrid cat breed

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Breeder Directory

Finding the right breeder is no easy task. Check out breeders for the specific cat you are looking for. Make sure to do your homework!

State Laws

Different states have different laws regarding the legality of owning an exotic cat. Make sure you know your state laws.

Cat Rescues

Whether you are looking to adopt a specific cat breed, or need to surrender your own. A rescue in your state can help.

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