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American Curl Cat Breed


Mix: Asian Leopard x Domestic Cat (Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian)
Weight: 8 – 15 lbs
Color: Spotted or marbled coats and patterns outlined in black, chocolate, or grey/silver
Coat: Short
Temperament: Affectionate, Playful, Energetic and Intelligent
Kitten Price Range: $400 – $10,000


American Curl Cat Breed

Mix: Jungle Cat x Domestic Cat (Usually the Abyssinian)
Weight: 15 – 25 lbs
Color: Solid black, black grizzled tabby, and black (a.k.a. brown) ticked tabby
Coat: Short
Temperament: Active, Adventurous, Trainable, Intelligent and Social
Kitten Price Range: $1,000 – $2,000

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